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Overwhelming moments

When I set out to volunteer for the SICCI-LISHA India Covid Relief donation booth, little did I anticipate that I will come back so fulfilled and overwhelmed. The expected work was pretty simple and straightforward but in the 4 hours that I spent at the booth, I noticed so many instances of kindness which truly touched my heart.

It was heartening to see families using this opportunity to teach their young kids the values of empathy and caring for others. It was gratifying to see little hands pushing in the notes in the box. For the kids, succeeding to put in the notes was an achievement in itself which brought a smile not only to their faces but ours as well.

On the other hand, there was a family of adult kids with their parents. Each of them made their own individual contribution. It made me think that those young kids whom we saw earlier will become like these kids someday. Our future is certainly in good hands.

Despite of the rush that they were in, some drivers halted their cars for a minute to sprint to the booth quickly. A couple of them beckoned us volunteers to come and take the money. There were some people who initially walked by the booth without contributing, turned back from a short distance and returned to give their donation. It showed that the thought of giving lingered in their mind, they mulled over it and eventually decided to donate. Not all donated big amounts but the concern they showed was heart-warming. It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

And the moment which touched the most was when a migrant worker donated a few coins saying ‘I want to do more but have to buy a few things today.’ How priceless is the little amount that he gave.

And not just him alone..people from different races, different backgrounds, different walks of life did their bit and that so humbly. Few of them said ‘Keep up the good work’, few thanked us for the opportunity, and few just bowed with their hand on their heart sending good wishes to those in need. Such meaningful gestures, such purity of the heart.. so encouraging, so inspiring

Equally inspiring was the spirit of giving shown by my co-volunteer Dipesh who did not rest even for a single second during his 4-hour volunteering slot. Not just that, he stayed back to accompany the ladies volunteering from 6 to 8pm simply because he didn’t want to leave them alone in the evening hours. It takes a special person to go beyond the call of duty.

I feel so blessed to have met so many people who inspire through small acts of kindness, dedication and caring. It keeps me motivated and continues to inspire.

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