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Sponsor birthday cakes for kids in Children's Homes

"Cakes are special. Every birthday, that comes with a cake, is remembered fondly. It's all about the memories." - Buddy Valastro


When a child lands up in an orphanage or pre-fostercare, the world must come crashing down. The windows of the world close down upon them and they lead a secluded life in the care of the Children's Home. They are surely loved and cared.. Yet their mind would be plagued with dark thoughts from the pain and trauma they suffer.

Knowing that someone from the outside world is thinking about them and sending them some special something on their special day, would plant optimism and hope in their hearts. 


Help Big At Heart plant such seeds of hope in the hearts of these kids. Let us tell them that they are not alone in this word.. The whole wide world is thinking about them, is concerned about them and happy that they were born in this world. Let us send them a birthday cake on their birthday month and make them feel valued.

Starting this CNY until the next, Big At Heart has embarked on a "Birthdays With A Heart" project to sponsor a large cake per month for some select Children's Homes ( orphanages, pre foster care centres) in Singapore. We will sponsor this cake not just for that child, but for the entire Children's Home, so there will be a day of excitement and happiness for all the kids in that home.

The cakes will be ordered either from professional bakeries, homebased bakers or our volunteer bakers. If our volunteers are baking them, then the only expense involved is the delivery transport. But our volunteers are not halal certified and most children's homes have halal requirements. In such cases, we will order the cake from homebased needy halal bakers or local Halal bakeries.

We appeal to you to support us by donating generously towards this "Birthdays With A Heart" project so that we can support more Children's Homes and make the birthdays of the residents special.

"The more you praise and celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
- Oprah Winfrey

Be our Pro Bono Cake Baker (Halal)

If you are an expert cake baker of professional quality and wish to bake a cake for Children's Homes in Singapore (orphanages, pre-fostercare centre, low income family centres etc), then we need you.

The cake would be 2kg to 3kg (depending on the size of the home). The cakes need to be made with Halal ingredients or in Halal certified kitchen. If you are keen, please register with your details. We will speak with you and check your bakes. If found suitable, we would add you to a WhatsApp group where we would post the needs of each month. If you have the bandwidth to bake, you can take up a bake from the list. It would be on flexible ad hoc terms.

If you are able to drive and deliver the cake or sponsor the delivery charges, indicate that as well. If you can't, indicate that too.

Baker Holding Cake
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