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Art With A Heart!

Updated: May 3, 2021

It was Christmas !..... the season to give. And I wanted to celebrate my hardworking staff. I wanted to gift them something unique. What could I give them????

I have always believed in “DUA” (blessings) , but how can I make blessings tangible.

Such that they are a tangible gift and a blessing both at the same time?

I rattled my brain for a long time.....and then paused.

It’s in this silent pause that My eyes slowly rested on the walls of my healing place.

And..... Eureka !!!!! Oh yes !! oh yes !! oh yes !!

I had forgotten to see right under my nose, where the perfect tangible blessing was, it was AKAASHA ART. The beautiful paintings adorning my walls, paintings with a heart !!

Paintings that breathed blessings!!

So I gifted my staff these paintings and Akaasha gifted the proceeds to MKSSS,

My staff got their gift (paintings) and blessings, The girls at MKSSS got funds for their education and upkeep and I got happiness just building this rainbow bridge.

Now I am sure you are Curious? What are these “Paintings with a Heart”, well be patient and read on...

Imagine your walls blessing you !!

That’s what happens when you bring home AKAASHA ART!!

It’s Art for a cause!!

It’s art that educates a orphaned child Or gives purpose to a special needs girl Or gives employment to an underprivileged single mom Or feeds the strays or stranded wildlife Or the hungry and the homeless It’s art which helps those who need !! And hence brings with it blessings!! It’s an original work of abstract art and speaks straight from the heart. Each piece is a story on canvas.

And then the obvious question would be; is it affordable Art? does it dig a Big hole in my pocket? No !! Absolutely not !! It is truly an affordable piece of ART.

For AKAASHA believes that each one deserves a Beauty scape in their Home. Art with a purpose, Art with a heart, Art that brightens the darkest corner of many hearts. And this year we will be using the AKAASHA art proceeds to support BIG at HEART. So open your heart and reach out to AKAASHA!!

Isn’t it a win win.... you get to support a good cause, while bringing home a piece of original beautiful art. It’s a Tangible blessing not just Art adorning your wall. And if you wish to take a peek, come visit us at Paya Lebar Square at the NatureNurtures Healing space to view this limited edition Art with a Heart!!! Or request us to send you a photograph!!!

What are you waiting for !!! Reach out to Dr Priya Naturenurtures..... to Health naturally.

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