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Labour Day Charity Drive For Migrant Workers 

BAH Labour Day Charity Drive 2021.jpg

Labour day (1st May) is coming up!


Migrant workers and Conservatory workers (cleaners) are one the under-privileged low-income groups in Singapore. Big At Heart has worked recently towards providing them relief packs with your support to make their life a bit easier. This labour day, we plan to donate a kit consisting of daily necessities like soap, masks, sanitisers, razors, a towel, pain relief patches with some chocolates and cakes to 140 migrant construction workers and conservatory workers (cleaners).

Big At Heart along with the support of Trekkers@Heart is raising funds for this giveaway. Soap Cycling Singapore and SGCare Physiotherapy Clinic are our collaborators while Himalayas and Ecojomo have gladly extended a helping hand and are sponsoring some items in the giveaway pack.

We appeal you to walk and/or donate for this drive and help us send some warmt to 140 hardworking workers.

Please note:

  • This contribution does not attract any tax exemption. An acknowledgment of the amount would be sent by us as a receipt.

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