Testimonials From Our Volunteers

My heartfelt thanx to BAH for giving me an opportunity to be part of such n amazing event of children's day celebrations, organised in collaboration with Paksi society. It was a very unique, fun n exciting experience for me, managing the game booth with a young teenage volunteer. The kids were having a wonderful time playing various games, making parents laugh too, and seeing their kids faces glow up upon receiving small gifts of sweets after each game made my heart burst with joy. Indeed, very satisfying and a unique experience. I thank God also who blessed me to be a part in doing something good for the community.


It was really a blissful moment to spend my time in the “Children day celebration “ held at upper Changi road on 9th Oct 2022…
Everybody will have a unique talent that is not only meant for earning but also to share with all always if we share more we will have enough space to load more knowledge…..
I’m really fortunate to be a part of that children day function and did a touch of those works as a volunteer which gives immense pleasure and fulfilment being a human .
Each and every highly spirited volunteers of “Big at heart “ along with so many sponsors made the occasion extremely gracefully without any disorder!
Thank you all … I highly solicit everybody who is reading this article to spare your valuable supplement time to devote towards doing good to others🙏🏽

Veena Dhilip

I am thankful for being part of this ground-up initiative.

Through this mural wall painting, I was able to learn a new form of painting technique. I am glad that I chose to attend this voluntary work as I had a lot of fun and learnt many new things. I was also glad that I got to share this experience with my best friend, who has also attended many community painting projects and she was the one who had introduced this meaningful event to me.

Thank you once again for organising such a project and allowing me to be part of it.

Kathyayani Som

Volunteering for the Community Fridge Mural wall painting at Block 117 Tampines Street 11, a ground up initiative by Tampines Changkat Community Club, was an enriching experience and this has helped me develop a sense of appreciation for the community.

I had the opportunity to paint murals on the walls. This project needed volunteers because the area to be painted was rather large.
My friends and I participated in this project. Overall, I think it's been a huge success, and we've done a pretty good job in painting the mural walls. I hope that the community fridge will help out a lot of people in the future. I want to thank Tampines Changkat Community Club and Big Heart for the opportunity to contribute to our community.

Kavy Upadhyay (One World International School)

I came to know of this mural wall painting through a school friend. I have always wanted to be more exposed to different experiences and take part in more volunteering opportunities. I’m glad that I had volunteered for this initiative as it was really a fun experience for me. It has been a really long time since I was able to paint freely and this helped to spark the creativity in me again. It felt really nice and satisfying when I saw the end result and I am glad that I was able to help in some way. I wish to go for more of such opportunities in future and this experience makes me want to volunteer more.

Juliana Isabella Reyes Maclang (One World International School)

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