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Big At Heart - Give Someone A Smile

Each year on her birthday, Anvita would receive 500 rupees for every year passed – so she could choose to do whatever she wanted with that amount. This year she was turning 9 which meant INR 4500 in her kitty!

As she skipped about making plans, mommy and daddy wondered what she would do with the money this time. Usually every year, she would voluntarily set aside some money to help someone she found was less fortunate than her – a value instilled in her by her parents right from when she was a baby.

Mommy was in the kitchen, cooking lunch, when …

Anvita: Aai! I know what I want to do with the remaining money! (some was spent on her favorite books, some for relief material for the Covid-19 affected)

Mommy: Really? What do you want?

Anvita: I heard you talking about all those didis at MKSSS who don’t have money to pay the school fees na.

Mommy: Yes baby … their parents lost their jobs during this coronavirus lockdown. They don’t have enough money for school.

Anvita: I want to help them Aai! But …

Mommy: But what baby?

Anvita: I don’t have enough money na! last week we gave school kits for the Rahat foundation of Swadhaa … I only have 800 Rs now.

Mommy: So what! 800 is an absolutely wonderful start … maybe it will help one didi buy some books … or … umm … some stationery … or even her uniform!

Anvita: You mean I can still be of help?!

Mommy: Of course, baby.

As the girl hugs mommy tight with joy, mommy can’t help but remember the words of Kevin Heath “No act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many”.

May this tidal wave in Anvita’s little heart give rise to more waves in many more hearts … and together we all grow, give a helping hand, shower love, and be the reason someone smiles today … somewhere!

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