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Little Beginnings

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t gone easy on anybody. The news headlines have stories of families who are losing their livelihoods and are suffering immensely. As I read these news flashes, a part of me felt relieved to know that my family was not among those who were hit hard by the ongoing pandemic. However, a part of me also felt the need to help those families in any way I could. But the question was, how could I help them?

It was when my mother informed me of the Big at Heart, a group to help out those in need, that I got the answer to my question. I learnt of the MKSSS and their initiative to empower women through education. I realized there were so many girls out there who belonged to the poor sections of society and were eager to continue their education.

Every time I visited India, my grandparents would give me money which I would safely store in my piggy bank. After years of collection, I couldn’t decide how to spend it properly. I am glad that now I have decided on how to use this money. It gives me immense joy and pleasure to be a part of an initiative that enables young girls to acquire education and secure their future. I hope that more and more young adults like me understand the importance of education and make their contributions to such initiatives.

I indeed feel immensely satisfied!

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