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Please donate up to 10 books in good condition to the nearest collection point between 25 November and 7 December 2021

List of collection points is as below


The books can be any of the following:

  • English books for toddlers upto age 6

  • English books for kids upto age 12

  • English books for teens and adults

Please note:

  • If you have any school textbooks to donate, please drop them at any of the nearest Fairprice stores participating in Fairprice Share-A-Textbook drive by 30th Nov 2021.

  • We will not be able to accept academic, self help, magazines, travel journals & textbooks.

The collected books will be segregated and donated to the following places and more.

  • Dignity Mama

  • Skool4Kidz Preschool Community Library @ Sembawang Canberra East Creek

  • Books beyond Borders
    Some of these are NGOs who resell the books and route the profits towards supporting their beneficiaries. Others will use it for circulation and reading by underprivileged families. You can read more on their respective websites.


For queries, please email -

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Be A Big-At-Heart BookSanta

Donate-A-Book This Christmas

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I donate more than 10 books?
    In this round we will be collecting a maximum of 10 books per donation. However we might do this activity periodically in the future.


  2. Can I donate the books which are well used with some markings?
    Please let your collection point volunteer know that you would like to donate a few well used books too. They will guide you on the steps.


  3. I have some very old books. Can I donate them as well?
    Please let your collection point volunteer know that you would like to donate a few well used books too. They will guide you on the steps.


  4. Am I required to buy new books for this donation?
    No. Please do not buy any new books. Donate pre-loved books only that meet the requirement criteria.


  5. Which books can I donate?
    You can donate English books in good condition which fit in one of the categories:

    • Kids books 0- 6 age group,

    • Children's books fiction and non-fiction up to 12 years age,

    • Teens and Adult fiction as well as non- fiction books.

  6. Which books are not acceptable for this donation drive?

    • Regional language books

    • Academic books

    • Sports & Travel Guides

    • Magazines & Journals

    • Cookbooks

  7. I have some textbooks and workbooks to donate. Can you accept them?
    Currently we cannot accept them. NTUC fair price at select locations is running a campaign till the end of November to collect these books. Please find the details here

  8. Do I need to segregate the books at the time of donating them?
    You do not need to segregate the books that you are donating. The volunteers will do the segregation.


  9. What will happen to the donated books?
    The collected books will be segregated by volunteers as per requirements of the charities and sent to them. The charities will either resell the books, circulate for the reading of beneficiaries or recycle very old books.

  10. Will I get a certificate or CAS/VIA hours for donating the books?
    No certificate or CAS/VIA hours will be given for donating books.

For Collection Point and Transportation Volunteer FAQs, CLICK HERE


Please note that the Big At Heart team reserves the right to decide the rules of this activity and make changes to them as deemed necessary.

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