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Lend a helping hand to Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha, (MKSSS) Pune India

Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha, (MKSSS), Pune (India) is a 125-year-old Institute committed to “Empowerment of Women Through Education”. The Institution has a century-long history of dedicated work towards making women educated and self-reliant. MKSSS, Pune was established in 1896 by the great visionary and social worker Bharat Ratna Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve to provide shelter to destitute women.

Girls coming from weaker sections of society and coming from rural areas, stay in MKSSS hostels, and complete their school education. The institute looks after their food, stay, and other requirements. The annual expenses for food, stay and other requirements of one school-going student are around 40,000 INR (650 SGD) and those of a college-going student is in the range of 70000-75000 INR (1150 SGD to 1220 SGD). The institute supports that with the help of donors under the Financial Guardianship Scheme. Around 1500 girls stay in MKSSS hostels in Pune which include 120 court-committed students, 400 fully dependent on MKSSS for their food & living, and 200 students partly dependent on MKSSS.

You may sponsor one of these girls and help her stand on her two firm feet in life. Details of the sponsored girl, such as her name, address, class in which she is studying, her family background, her performance in the annual examination, etc. will be communicated to you annually. You can also support financially for more than one student. 

Please fill below form to indicate your option to contribute.

You can decide to

  1. Fund one girl's school education for a complete year by donating

    1. one-time - 650 SGD / 40000 INR

    2. monthly - 55 SGD / 3334 INR per month for 12 months

  2. Fund one girl's college education for a complete year by donating

    1. one-time - 1220 SGD / 75000 INR

    2. monthly - 102 SGD / 6250 INR per month for 12 months

  3. Help fund a portion of a girl child's outstanding fees by donating any ad-hoc amount of your choice


The Big At Heart team will coordinate with the school to ensure that your funds have reached MKSSS and the individual girl child beneficiary. The school will send you the payment receipt by email.

More details can be found on the MKSSS website.

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