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Of A Child From Low Income Family

​Children are gifts to this world. Each child is special. And so is the day they were born. A birthday celebration tells them how valued and cherished they are. That reinforcement can go a long way in building their confidence and positivity towards life. 

Even though it is just a matter of a simple cake and gift, these are luxuries some parents can't afford due to the financial stretch.


Big At Heart runs a Birthdays@Heart initiative where we coordinate between low income family kids and a volunteer baker group whose members bake a cake and sponsor gifts for their birthday. This group is unable to bake & sponsor for the month of April and May 2022. We hence request your support so we can keep this initiative going and can order the cakes and gifts for the kids whose birthdays fall during this period.


The beneficiaries from low income families and rental blocks are verified by the referring family service centres, volunteer centres and SSOs.


A donation of 60$ will sponsor a birthday cake and birthday meal vouchers for one child. We appeal you to donate to make the special day of these birthday kids memorable.


Please note that these donations are not eligible for tax deductions.

If you have any queries, please email

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