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Big At Heart & Indian Community Organizations In Singapore Present

Pongal Fest 2023 for Migrant Workers

Terusan Recreation Centre, 1 Jalan Papan 619392
Sunday 15th Jan 2023, 11am to 1pm

At the behest of MOM Ace group, Big At Heart organized a Pongal Celebration event for Migrant brothers at Terusan Recreation Centre on Sunday 15 Jan 2023. Instead of doing this event alone with their own volunteers, Big At Heart thought of involving all the Indian Community Organizations (VWOs/Societies) in singapore. Who better than each Indian Community champions themselves to showcase their culture and to give the taste of the festive nostalgia that the Migrant Brothers miss by being away from their home.


9 groups pitched in, making this event collaborative, unique, culturally rich and large enough so we could cater to approximately 800-900 Migrant Brothers. Unique, because, this may be one of the first Pongal Celebrations hosted for Migrant Workers by Indian Communities coming together under a social service umbrella.

Many Big At Heart volunteers pitched in as well and anchored about 5-6 activities, giveaways and managed the event smoothly. It was an exciting and enjoyable experience to work with all the volunteers, collaborating partner organizations and the enthusiastic visiting MWs. IT all came together beautifully and we had a beautiful event that panned out at the venue.

Collaborating Indian Community Organizations:


Sponsors in kind:

  • Himalaya Wellness Singapore

  • Soap Cycling Singapore

  • Palm Gardens, Changi Rise & Kerrisdale Condominium Indian Community

Traditional activities:

  1. Traditional symbolic pongal boiling - by Vasanthi Ravi

  2. Warli Tea Coaster Painting - by Big At Heart

  3. Paper Kite making - by Maharashtra Mandal Singapore

  4. Uriyadi (Traditional blindfold pot breaking) - by

  5. Marbles - by Maharashtra Mandal Singapore

  6. Chowka Bhara board game and wooden tic tac toe - by Kannada Sangha Singapore

  7. Traditional wooden top and pinwheel by Big At Heart


Other activities:

  1. Preloved items flea market (free) - Singapore Tamil Society & Singapore Sindhi Association​


Traditional food distribution:

  1. Shira / Sooji Halva / Kesri Bhath - by volunteers via Big At Heart staying in Palm Gardens, Changi Rise & Kerrisdale Condominiums

  2. Boondi laddoo - from Kamala Club

  3. Tilgul - from Maharashtra Mandal Singapore

  4. Sakinalu & Pulihora by Telangana Cultural Society of Singapore

  5. Frooti packet drink - by Srinivasan of Sri Ambikas

  6. Haldiram’s murukkus - 2 Big At Heart donors from Kerrisdale condo

  7. Sweet Pongal - Vasanthi Ravi & her friends

  8. Ellu bela & Bisi Bile Bhat - by Kannada Sangha Singapore


  1. Maharashtra Mandal Singapore - the traditional drums (dhol, tasha, zanj and lejhim) performances

  2. Singapore Malayalee Association - a fusion dance performance on IndianRaga's Swalla Jathi and Mi Gente

  3. Singapore Sindhi Association - a entertaining group dance performance that is a thanks-giving dance for the most revered deity of Sindhi Hindus —“ Lord Jhulelal” on the famous song “Damadam mast kalandar”


Engagement activities:

  1. Pongal Memories by Sangeeta - Sangeeta is a Big At Heart volunteer. She is a storyteller and communication enthusiast. She engaged with the MWs and elicited some nostalgic pongal stories from them and as well as encouraged them to write some Pongal messages on a flipboard.

  2. We Got Talent SignUp Booth (managed by Bhupesh & Vishal) : Bhupesh along with Vishal ran this activity identify unique talents amongst our Migrant Brothers with the intention to do future projects with them which included tips on how to improve photo taking on their handsets and how to edit it using free photography editing apps.

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