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Volunteering at the Flea Market - An Unforgettable Learning Experience

Volunteering at the flea market that was set up to celebrate International Domestic Worker's Day was an unforgettable learning experience for me.

I was presented with the opportunity of volunteering as a cashier and assisting with the clothes stall. Truly, the clothes being sold at a cheap price of $2 per piece was a blessing to all domestic workers, and their smiles brightened my day too.

I recall this one worker trying on the dress and looking at her camera while striking poses and being showered by compliments from her friends. This sight presented me with the learning that even little things can bring one so much joy, and so much fulfillment. Their joy made the whole flea market experience enjoyable.

Overall, volunteering with Big At Heart was an experience for which I am endlessly grateful, and I hope to be involved in more such activities for the simple reason that small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. - Paalvi Tadwalkar

NPS International School, Singapore

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