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Our first Pad-hero

Updated: Apr 3

Suprada, a Big At Heart (BAH) team member based in Pune along with her husband Sudhir, paid a visit to Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha (MKSSS), one Saturday morning. A talk with the supervisor in-charge of the girls’ hostels and an enquiry into the needs of those girls, led them to the understanding that despite the excellent facilities of the hostel and all necessities provided to the girls, Covid-19 has disrupted a lot for them too.

With the parents of the girls losing their income and regular flow of donations affected due to the pandemic, the institute was struggling to make ends meet. Sponsorship of sanitary pads was highlighted as one of the needs which would ease the financial burden of the hostel.

Understanding their urgency and sourcing the month’s supply from their regular medical vendor, this couple solved their problem – however – temporarily!

Access to good menstrual health is a basic need - and just because the girls are destitute does not mean they should be deprived of their right as girls and women of future. Let us join hands and provide them with the hygiene, with the dignity they truly deserve as the daughters of this land – just like us and ours.

Like the Nikharges, if you wish to contribute for these girls’ hygiene products, do contact us for more details.

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