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Volunteering at the Flea Market for FDWs

Few experiences have an impact that can last a lifetime. Once such an experience happened to me recently. A volunteering opportunity which a friend of mine recommended turned out to be an enriching experience and one that I will cherish forever. There was a flea market being organised with the aim of bringing foreign domestic workers to participate in fun activities and indulge in shopping. All goods sold were donations collected from families in various condos in Singapore and goods were priced at a very nominal cost. My job was to help with packaging of donated goods, mainly clothes, handbags, imitation jewellery and accessories and selling goods on the event day. The FDWs started trickling in from the very start and within a couple of hours the place got crowded with a large number of people. I could see the joy on their faces when they were shopping for goods for personal use or to gift to their family and friends. They were so happy and some of them were clicking pictures and sending them to their friends.

This volunteering experience allowed me to get in touch with reality and understand how much these workers have to sacrifice in order to meet their ends and support their families back in their home country. To be able to bring a smile on their faces, see them joyful was truly very rewarding. Little things in life can bring so much happiness, was something that I learned from this experience. It was an awakening as I know there is so much more which can be done to help the less privileged people in our society. Thanks to the “”Big at Heart” organisation for making me a part of this initiative.

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