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Mollie & Sanya's Christmas for Kids

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Hi, this is Mollie & Sanya, We are two 9th graders who decided that this Christmas we wanted to raise money for children in the orphanage. We sent out a form to our family, friends and anyone who was willing to donate a minimum of ten dollars to buy pizzas, snacks and drinks for the kids. In the end, we managed to raise a total of 1321 dollars!

We donated to 4 different orphanages: Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, 6th Sense, Gracehaven Children Home and The Haven Children Home. In total, there were about 172 kids plus a few members of staff. Although we weren’t allowed inside the premises, we were still able to meet a few people running the organization and learn about the kids there.

We also got to see and learn more about their living conditions and how they live which was a new experience for us. Knowing that we managed to do something special for them made us really happy that we got to help some kids this Christmas and see how grateful and happy they were with our small contributions.

Overall this was a very exciting experience and we are glad we accomplished our goal.

Mollie and Sanya


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