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  • Where can we donate preloved (used) things in Singapore
    We receive many queries regarding donation of used clothes, books, and toys. So we thought, it would be a good exercise to collate this information. Our research says that there are lots of places where you can do used goods donations in Singapore. We have tried listing a few here. If you know any more, do send the details to us and we will add them here. Please read thouroghly, contact the organization, find out all information and then do the donation.
  • Wish to attend a hands-on or virtual DARE (Dispatcher-Assisted first REsponder) CPR+AED training session?
    Saving a life is the biggest community service of all. In a cardiac arrest emergency, time is of the essence and knowing the simple steps to respond to such an emergency is important. The DARE Program is an initiative fully funded by MOH and implemented by the Unit for Pre-hospital Emergency Care (UPEC) to strengthen responsiveness for medical emergencies and to raise the level of preparedness in the community. The DARE (Dispatcher-Assisted first REsponder) program is a 1-hour CPR & AED training designed by emergency doctors/nurses. The training will comprise of the following: - How to recognize cardiac arrest; - How to respond to a cardiac arrest emergency using easy steps; - Learn how to work alongside 995 specialist while staying on the line; - Learn how to perform simplified CPR; - Learn how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). - [optional for qualifying PRs / Citizens 11 to 74 yr old] Learn how to use CPRCard that can help with the guidance of chest compressions pressure and frequency. This is a research study being conducted by MOH. The participants get to keep the CPRCard after the study. Participants will receive an e-certificate after completing this training. For more information, please visit If you are interested in the upcoming hands on or virtual DARE session, please register at We will let you know when we confirm a session.
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