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All About Women Talk Series - Ep 3

We are told on flights, "Wear your own oxygen mask first before helping others". Metaphorically, it applies to every other aspect of our life. Even social service. We can be useful to the society only when our own financial, mental and physical well being is secure.


Big At Heart has launched a bimonthly talk series by knowledgeable volunteer speakers to raise awareness & spread knowledge about the common yet unattended key issues which may stop individuals from going beyond themselves and contributing to the larger societal welfare. Mainly aimed at women but also at their children, families and friends, the All-About-Women Talk Series attempts to spread the message of self-care.


It need not always be depression. It could be as common as anxiety, panic attacks, anger, irritation, sadness, emptiness, mood swings, lack of energy, sleep disorders, eating disorders, addictions, migraines, nausea or crying bouts. These could be markers of an unidentified mental health issue. It may or may not stop you from going about with your life, but it certainly stops you from being the best version of yourself.

According to the World Health Organization, women are two times more likely than men to experience mental health problems such as depression, eating disorders, and panic disorders owing to various socioeconomic factors, biological factors, sociocultural influences and values. 


Even though the signs and effects of mental health disorders are similar in men and women, women face different obstacles than men regarding how they view and interpret symptoms and how treatment methods are formulated. The social stigma attached to mental health conditions and an expectation of "bearing it all with a smile" is perhaps the most formidable barrier that stops women from identifying these issues as mental health issues and seeking help.

Fortunately, if you identify and accept these as issues, solutions & support is right there to seek. Knowledge is power.

Attend this talk to know the:

  • Mental Health Issues Women Face

  • Reasons & Symptoms 

  • How to seek and extend help

Date: Sunday 14th Nov 2021
Time: 4pm to 5:30pm

Venue: Online via ZOOM

Who should attend: Anyone above 18

Mala Khare_edited.jpg

Our speaker for this talk is Mala Khare.


Mala and her psychiatrist husband relocated to Singapore nearly twenty years back. Trained in understanding human behaviour and in facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning, and registered with Singapore Association for Counselling, she has her own counselling practice named “Counselling: A Map for Emotional Wellbeing”. She provides psychological counselling to Individuals, Couples and Families. 

She is a B.A (Psychology Honours), a Masters in Psychology (India) and a Masters in Counselling (Edith Cowan University, Australia).

Previously she worked with World Health Organisation (WHO) Research on psychiatric illnesses in a Psychiatry department of a major research institution. Since 2005 she has taught at SIM university. Presently she teaches psychology modules at the undergraduate level at University of Wollongong (SIM Global). In the past she has taught counselling and psychology courses at various universities such as James Cook, MDIS and University of Buffalo.

The talk has limited seats. Please register below NOW to secure your seat.

One registration per household per device is sufficient.

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