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All About Women Talk Series - Ep 2

We are told on flights, "Wear your own oxygen mask first before helping others". Metaphorically, it applies to every other aspect of our life. Even social service. We can be useful to the society only when our own financial, mental and physical well being is secure.


Big At Heart has launched a bimonthly talk series by knowledgeable volunteer speakers to raise awareness & spread knowledge about the common yet unattended key issues which may stop individuals from going beyond themselves and contributing to the larger societal welfare. Mainly aimed at women but also at their children, families and friends, the All-About-Women Talk Series attempts to spread the message of self-care.


As responsibilities increase, divide and conquer becomes the golden rule among families. One tends to pick up the roles one is naturally good at, or one is traditionally "supposed to do". In most cases, he looks after the money while she looks after the home. In some rare cases, it is the other way round. The same is true for earners and dependents. Whichever the case, this arrangement of only one person knowing it all, works perfectly well... until & unless a crisis befalls. Non-knowledge of the financial affairs can pose unimaginably grave issues to the household in such a situation.​

It is imperative that, if not all, everyone in the household needs to know at least a minimum of each other's financial assets, liabilities and how to access them.​

So, what is that basic key information the earner/investor must share with the dependents?​

We invite women & men to this talk which will elaborate the same. Please attend, preferably with your dependent and earning family members.

Date: Sunday 26th Sep 2021
Time: 4pm to 5pm
Venue: Online via zoom
Who should attend: Dependents & Earners
Fees: FREE (Voluntary donations are welcome)

Our speaker for this talk is Gautam Marathe.


Gautam is a corporate banker with over 15 years of experience in the field of financial services and banking. He is a Chartered Accountant & CFA. 


Passionate about theatre, he is an active member of Singapore’s theatre and films scene representing Indian diaspora. 


On personal finances, Gautam is a fan of compounding and believes that protecting wealth is as critical as creating wealth.

The talk has limited seats. Please register below NOW to secure your seat.

One registration per household per device is sufficient.

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