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All About Women Talk Series

Big At Heart is pleased to launch a bimonthly talk series by knowledgeable volunteer speakers to raise awareness & spread knowledge about the common yet unattended key issues of women.


Gynaec problems are still by far the most common & less discussed issues. Let us hear from the experienced gynaecologist Dr. Anita about everything from menstruation to menopause and get our questions answered. Attend with daughters.

Dr. Anita Kale is MBBS & MD from Mumbai University and MRCOG & F.R.C.O.G. (U.K). She worked in the UK for 8 years and is with NUH since 2005, NUH, Dr. Kale looks after women in all age groups, from adolescent to elderly, who are seeking care for any gynecological and obstetric care. Her current practice at NUH includes all areas of general gynecology and obstetrics. Her special interest lies in maternal-fetal medicine where it n she looks after women with high risk as well as low-risk pregnancy.

We are thankful to Dr, Anita for her valuable time and knowledge volunteering for this talk.

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