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All About Women Talk Series - Ep 4

We are told on flights, "Wear your own oxygen mask first before helping others". Metaphorically, it applies to every other aspect of our life. Even social service. We can be useful to the society only when our own financial, mental and physical well being is secure.


Big At Heart has launched a bimonthly talk series by knowledgeable volunteer speakers to raise awareness & spread knowledge about the common yet unattended key issues which may stop individuals from going beyond themselves and contributing to the larger societal welfare. Mainly aimed at women but also at their children, families and friends, the All-About-Women Talk Series attempts to spread the message of self-care.


Outwardly when one has it all and yet there is a search; a search for meaning, a search for fulfilment, a search for passion, a search for purpose; how great would it be to take on the journey inwards and unlock the true potential!

If you have been thinking the same, you are not alone! One gets these questions in growing up years, midlife and also later stages of life. The urge to find a purpose becomes stronger as we age.


This women's day, let's explore “A woman’s search for meaning"


Let's come together to understand how to find USP - “Unique Serving Proposition”- for self or for the world! What are the various tools that can help re-ignite the gifts that may have been in plain sight but overlooked and not been put to use.

Date: Sunday 13th Mar 2022
Time: 4pm to 5:30pm

Venue: Online via ZOOM

monika narayanan.jpeg

Our speaker for this talk is Monika Narayanan (Coach, Counsellor & Founder of Heartability


Monika Narayanan attained her Masters in Counselling from Monash University, Australia in 2016 and has been working as a certified Counselling Professional since then. She is an ICF Certified Coach, trained to impart Life Coaching & Executive Coaching. She has also received her certification in Neuroscience Coaching from International Coaching Community. She is also a mindfulness expert and a trained yoga teacher.

Fuelled by a passion for inspiring others to live to their fullest potential, she coaches individuals to dive deep into themselves and uncover the answers that would help them. She is a great fan of Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl) & helps her clients find meaning & purpose in their life. 

She has also been extensively involved in the social care sector over the last 10 years through her engagements with non profit schools, working with adolescent girls in the underserved communities in India. Through the COVID 19 crisis, she is counselling & coaching the core team at a non profit organisation which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development. Monika has volunteered as a counsellor with a women’s shelter in Singapore. She has also counselled at an educational institution here.

The talk has limited seats. Please register below NOW to secure your seat.

One registration per household per device is sufficient.

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